About Us

GroupGyaan, the next generation market place for classroom sessions is the brain child of Hetal Rach from Pune. Hetal has completed his Master's in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, and is passionate about both learning and technology. After more than a decade's experience in the software industry, where he worked for companies such as Veritas and Symantec, he decided to set up GroupGyaan.

GroupGyaan has its roots in the historic city of Pune, quite well known in India for its vibrant educational community of Universities, colleges, schools, tuition classes, training companies and yes! Learners. Yet, the one thing that it - or for that matter all cities across India - seemed to lack was a central medium that allowed learners to discover the right training sessions; and trainers to reach the right audience. Having personally felt the need for an easy and simple solution to what he felt was an inefficiency in the market, Hetal decided to do something about it. What you see now is the end result of such a thought process.

The dream of the GroupGyaan team (hey, that rhymes!) is to make the learning ecosystem as transperant and efficient as possible. We hope we make it so. If you feel our purpose resonates with you and you'd like to be associated with us, do drop us a line at contact@groupgyaan.com

The GroupGyaan site is no longer active now. The team has moved on. This site exists only for archival purposes. Thank you for your interest.